Nadia Buari Wore Same Pair Of Underwear 2 Days In A Row & 9 More Things We Just Learned About Her

Nadia Buari

Since the lockdown in March, one of our favorite things to do is to visit Nadia Buari’s Instagram account to be entertained.

She posts the funniest TikTok videos as well as videos of her just messing around with her siblings and mother.

In many ways, it has been more revealing of the kind of person she is.

Nadia is the Queen of keeping secrets and making sure her business is just that – her business.

However, every now and then she lets us know a little bit more about her.

She just shared a video to her Instagram in which she was playing “Put A Finger Down.”

This game is played by putting a finger down or keeping it up to situations you might have or might not have experienced.

This time, we learned that Nadia is human like all of us.

She has repeated her underwear before, she has discreetly released gas, peed in the pool, picked her nose… she is just like all of us!

You can watch it below:

How many of your fingers would still be up if you played this game?


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