Donald Trump Gains Love And Support In Nigeria

Nigerians campaign for Donald Trump

Despite his own personal failings, Conservative American President Donald Trump has gained a loyal following and support of hardline Christians in America and now there is a spillover of that love in Nigeria as well.

For someone who professes to be a staunch follower of the Christian belief, Trump is quick to insult; he is reported to have engaged porn stars, accused of sexually abusing women and rarely does anything to help minority groups, throwing away what Jesus said about being one another’s keeper.

However, for some reason, his Christian followers have looked past these and chosen to focus on his public position against the LGBTQ community though he is known to have employed people from that same community to work for him, even in government.

In the recent Black Lives Matter movement, Donald took a defensive position accusing the protesting black people of destroying public peace and working for a violent group called Antifa.

It is the singular homophobia and fighting against anything progressive that has endeared him to hardline Christians in America and now those in Nigeria as well.

A Nigerian church leader, known as His Grace, The Most. Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah MFR held a prayer walk for Donald Trump on the streets of Nigeria.

They held cards with statements such as “America needs a man like you,” and “Trump Pence 2020”.

Donald Trump is seeking reelection as he goes against the Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris.

You can see photos of the prayer walk below:

Worthy to note that the Trump-led government has banned Nigerians from obtaining an American Visa.


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