3 Signs That Prove You Might Be An Emotional Hoarder

Objects and valuables are hands-down one of the most important things we own, be it a particular pair of shoes or a very special necklace, but too much of everything is bad, and that can be said about hoarding, which is the practice of collecting and keeping things, and in this case, doing so on an emotional level.

This may seem like a pretty basic obsession, but it gets very scary sometimes, especially when it is on a sentimental level.

Here are 3 signs that prove you might be an emotional hoarder that you probably didn’t know you had.

When a memory is attached to everything

Emotions Crying GIFs | Tenor

Though it may appear normal, this is the breeding place of emotional hoarding. When memories are attached to anything, even a rock, it can be very hard to let it go, and it’ll only grow from there

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