Nigerian Soldiers Standby As They Encourage Nigerians To Loot Peacefully

Looting in Nigeria

The Nigerian End SARS protests has taken a turn for the worse after the protesters were met with tone deaf attitude from their government and were even shot at while peacefully protesting.

Now, some of the young Nigerians have taken to looting warehouses that have been storing COVID-19 food relief that were never disbursed by the government.

The supplies have been kept in warehouses with no plan as to when they will be distributed.

In one instance, not even the presence of officers of the Nigerian Army prevented them from entering the warehouse to retrieve the COVID relief supplies that many of them never received.

In an effort to prevent them from hurting anyone or destroying property, the Nigerian army actually told them to “go peacefully and come back peacefully.”

“Don’t attack anybody, just go and come out, don’t destroy anything,” a Nigerian soldier can be heard saying in a now viral video.


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