Ghanaian Man Clears The Air After Being Trolled On Twitter For Abandoning A Lady On A Date

Image of a couple on a date

A tweep known as Sneaker Nyame has cleared the air after he was trolled on Twitter for abandoning a lady on a date.

The lady, who known as Cey, took to Twitter to share what transpired on the date with Sneaker Nyame.

According to her, Sneaker Nyame took her on a date, left her unannounced without paying the bills, turned off his phone and blocked her.

“Sneaker Nyame took me on a date and left me here stuck here. His phone is off. He didn’t pay the bills. Never in my life Twitter boys. He even blocked me Jesus,” she tweeted.

Cey’s tweet generated a lot of reactions of Twitter, as Sneaker Nyame was trolled and condemned by some people for “treating a lady in such a manner.”

A few hours later, Sneaker Nyame made a thread to explain the whole incident and also apologised to the lady.

Here’s his explanation:

“There have been a tweet trending with my name |Sneaker Nyame| that have gotten many bad impacts on me. Sorry and thanks to everyone who called to ask about the whole issue.”

“I was booked for a show ( The Prank Date), all bills were already paid and I took my charge too. I am a gentleman and I do respect myself. My countrymen spread fake news more than good news.

“I influence for many foreign brands and I respect my brand. This whole issue is from the management of the show. I played my role as I was asked to do. I think the frustrations made the Sey (Girl) tweet about it. Sorry, please.

“Feminists and People insulting me “I am a bush boy and stupid” please for Allah’s sake. I am a handsome, respectful gentleman. Seen my name on every social media page and it hurts me a lot.

“I respect my brand a lot more than any other thing. I want a good name not a bad name. May Allah guide and protect us. Spread love. I continue to be the good boy and your best sneaker plug in Ghana. Shalom”

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