4 Tips For A Smarter And Enjoyable Washday Experience

If you’re a naturalista, you already know what Saturdays are for. It’s washdaaaayy!!

Most people aren’t exactly enthused about the idea of washdays because it comes with a lot of arm aches.

Apart from that physical pain, some people just do not know how to make things easier on them. Washday May take the whole day but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Here are some hacks to improve on your washday.

1. Microwave your pre-poo oil

I know some people don’t like to do this because they believe microwaving the oil will destroy the nutrients but some other people also say, it does nothing. If you’re in a hurry, I will advice you to microwave the oil for 1-2 mins and use it instead of boiling water, putting your oil in an applicator bottle and then putting the applicator bottle in the hot water and heating for the oil in it to become warm. Stress.

2. Get a steaming cap

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It cuts the time for deep conditioning into half! The steaming cap works faster on your hair as compared to covering your hair with a shower cap and covering the shower cap with scarves just to trap your body heat.

3. If in a hurry, co-wash

What does co-wash mean in the world of hair care? Co-washing is short for “conditioner-only washing.” It means skipping shampoo and relying solely on conditioner. It’s advised to use conditioners specifically made for co-washing since they are better formulated specifically to cleanse your scalp instead of just moisturizing it. If it’s specifically called a cleansing conditioner or a co-wash, it’s more likely to be filled with super-gentle, surfactant-like ingredients that help break down oils to give you a cleaner feeling. You still need to wash your hair with a shampoo eventually though.

4. Stop punishing yourself

I know day in day out we see a lot of naturalistas use different products and combinations which they swear by that it helps with growth and all sorts of promises but remember that the natural hair journey is yours and only yours. Do what feels right for your hair. You don’t have to pre-poo, wash, condition, do protein treatment, deep condition, style with a million products and then leave your hair in twists in one day when you have numerous other stuff to do.

Remember to love the whole process of discovering what your hair loves and what it doesn’t. After all, it’s your self love journey.

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