The Sexiest Bob Marley Songs For A Cozy Night In With Bae

Bob Marley
Bob Marley image via Denis O’Regan/Getty Images

There’s nothing like reggae music to keep you content, happy and relaxed and… no one does it better than Bob Marley. 

Kickback with these songs with a bottle of wine and your favourite person. If you’re a lonely and gnashing person like most young Ghanaians… nothing spoil. You can use these songs to reminisce about the good times you’ve had. Point is, these songs get you in a mood if you set it right.

Mellow Mood 

Just as the title says, this song is mellow. It just gives off good energy and Bob Marley singing about how he feels about his love interest is just so simple, beautiful and soothing.

Stir It Up

What better song to get you in the mood than one that tells you to “stir it up”?? I mean… Bob Marley saying “I’ll push the wood
Then I blaze ya fire” should be all you need to get you going!

Turn Your Lights Down Low 

By far my all time favourite love song from Bob Marley. The original and Lauryn Hill feature are both too good. If you know this song, you know it calls for a romantic setting with candles and all the shebang if you are trying to get down.

Rock It Baby / Baby We’ve Got A Date

This song is just cute. There’s no other word for it. It reeks of the excitement that comes with fresh love…going on cute dates and then “rocking it” later. Y’all better send this song to your lovers so they anticipate your plans for the night.

Soul Shakedown Party

The title sounds like you are about to have a party with an upbeat fast-paced song but it’s as mellow as all the other songs. Good energy, smooth melody, a perfect song to remind your lover that even the lightest touch from them makes you want to have a “soul shakedown.”


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