Top 5 Worst Tasting Fruits You’d Ever Eat

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Fruits and vegetables are not my favourite things so maybe you shouldn’t take what I am about to say seriously.

It doesn’t change the fact that they are trash tho!

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These are the worst fruits you could ever try:


Top 2 worst fruits and it’s not number 2. Such a scam of a fruit! If you haven’t tried strawberries, don’t. It tastes like destroyed hopes and dreams.

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It literally has zero taste and any fruit that makes you work plenty doesn’t deserve to be eaten. A million seeds just to ‘eat’ a slice of water?

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Any fruit that threatens to break your teeth or has to sound like granite being poured in a bowl deserves to be banned forever.

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Imagine exerting all your energy just to squeeze life out of a fruit so you can eat it.

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Can you describe what it tastes like? No because it’s tasteless! The hard ones are for torture, the soft ones are for…nothing. They have no purpose.

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Thank God for soft sweet mangoes…the only fruit that deserves praise.

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