The Electoral Commission Changes Requirements For Students To Transfer Their Votes

Voters Registration Exhibition Exercise

The Electoral Commission is activley helping students who registered at school transfer their votes to polling stations close to where they live.

This is to ensure that students are able to vote in the December 7 elections and they do not have to travel to their campuses where they registered for their Voter’s ID Card.

When the EC announced that it was allowing transfer of votes to take place, it asked students to provide physical proof that they live where they want to transfer their vote to.

However, that has been a challenging condition for most students to satisfy, and as a result, the EC has updated its requirements to make it easier for students.

In a statement, the EC said their officials have been directed to rely on other forms of identification such as admission letters, exact slips and residential addresses.

Today, October 22 is the last day for students to transfer their votes.

Take this new opportunity to ensure that you are able to vote and you don’t have to travel all the way to your campus to do so.


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