Romantic Gestures That Will Never Go Out Of Date

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While relationships should be observed in their individuality, there are certain activities which when applied to them, can result in longer relationships. These activities show your partner how much you care about them and think of them too. They are “old-school” but these gestures will never go out of date; they work.

1. Flowers

I know a number of Ghanaians like to pass comments like what will they use flowers for and downplaying their effects and use but I also believe those people have actually never received flowers. With this gesture, it’s about the thought which counts. Plus its quite expensive to get a bouquet of flowers here in Ghana. Flowers are very thoughtful and will never fail you in any relationship situation.

2. Opening the car door

I know that a number of people think this act isn’t a tradition worth preserving. Opening the car door for your woman is such a sweet gesture and that’s that.

3. Calling

I don’t know whether this can even be classified as “old school” when the older generation didn’t even have phones but in this world of texting, calls can even be called a luxury. Text messages are great. Keeping up with each other about the things going on in our lives but calls will always be paramount. Sometimes hearing that person’s voice will make you feel even better.

4. Dates

After people are official it becomes harder to go out for dates. Oddly, when you were in the talking stages, you were making the time. Now, both of you couldn’t be bothered. Keep the spark alive. Both of you should dress up ponce in a while and have lunch/dinner. Go do something adventurous. Make the memories; that’s the most important thing.

5. Giving your woman your jacket

I think this is one of the sweetest things ever. Both of you taking a walk on a cold night and then lending her your jacket to wear when she expresses how cold she is or just seeing seeing that she’s cold shows you care and it shows you’re chivalrous. This gesture is as old school as it gets and makes women feel so unbelievably wanted and appreciated.


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