7 Of The Best Hiplife Jams From The Group, VIP

The Ghanaian hiplife group, VIP back in the 2000s

VIP now known as VVIP was the bomb back then. They’ve been thrilling us with music from as far back as the 90s and were on every young person’s list of favourite hiplife artistes.

VIP means Vision In Progress and was first formed by Friction and together with Promzy, Lazzy, Prodigal and Bone (who left the group at some point), they broke into the music scene and dropped hits. After their second album, the group was down to Promzy, Prodigal and Lazzy and trust me when I say, those three ruled the 2000s.

Promzy also left at some point and now with the addition of Reggie Rockstone, they are…VVIP.

Enough with the history lesson. These are 5 songs from the OG VIP group that should bring up some memories.

Kids…these are some of the songs we were jamming to!

Ahomka Wor Mu

Definitely starting with this song because even though VIP was already a huge hit in the music scene, Ahomka Wor Mu propelled them even further! It crossed borders and has been sampled by many artistes in Nigeria as well.

Daben na Odo Beba

This song was from their third album, Lumbe Lumbe Lume in 2001. The video will make you laugh but the memories just from hearing the song again should humble you. This was the beginning of the era of Promzy, Prodigal and Lazzy as VIP.


If there’s something the 2000s VIP had, it was ENERGY!!!! The energy on this song is infectious!

Obaa Sweety

This song was such a sweet one! It’s definitely the sweetest song they’ve made.


One of the hardest hooks/chorus you’ve ever heard. Nothing comes close and let’s just say the intro to the song was mad inspirational back then lol.

Sisi yareɛ 

If you think about it…most of the old school hits were songs full of sexual innuendos! This song is still a jam and I still remember how people abused the “ɛna” part of the 2nd rap verse. It got annoying but it was fun to mess around with. You’d understand once you listen.

Me ne me jorley

This song is officially the only song Ghanaian couples should stunt with.

VIP gave us way too many hits from the 90s to their rebranded VVIP days and we can never ever forget their contribution to Ghanaian music.

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