SWIMS BY DIDI: Turning A Swimwear Problem Into A Thriving New Brand

Phototgraph of Darkor Ofosu-Dorte

If you’re active on Twitter or Instagram, you might have seen pictures of the Dikini going around. And if you haven’t yet, you’re probably wondering what at all a Dikini is. That’s fine, we’ll show you.

That is a Dikini. It is a custom swimsuit that is handmade to each client’s specifications by Darkor Ofosu-Dorte, the young founder of Swims By Didi. Swims By Didi is a thriving new brand that is sparking conversations with its bold marketing strategy, and its simple but stunning product design. Darkor tells us the inspiration behind Swims By Didi, and how the business has been doing since it was started during quarantine earlier this year.

Swimsuits Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

The problem that Darkor had growing up was that she could never find the type of swimwear that she wanted in Accra. It’s surprising, but there were no basic coloured swimsuits. It was the same when it came to finding a bikini—she only ever found pieces that that had patterns or prints. Never a simple red or a blue. And then, she got even older and realized that she had trouble finding bikini tops that would fit her bust.

Swims By Didi started because Darkor wanted to make the bikinis that she had always wished for—just the way that she had imagined them. And the first steps of the brand were taken during quarantine earlier this year. Fun fact: Darkor designed the Dikini in less than an hour. After she had a product, Darkor wanted it to stand out. And that’s how she came up with the name Dikini. It’s like a bikini, but you can only get one at Swims By Didi.

The Brand Is Just Online, And Social Media Is Everything

Look what we found! A behind the scenes video from a Swims By Didi shoot!

According to Darkor, social media plays a big role in getting customers. And that’s because, at this point the business is only online. Having a successful brand that is solely online is not a feat that can be accomplished without some marketing skill.

In fact, Dikini ads posted by Swims By Didi have gotten quite popular on social media. And that’s a good thing too, Didi tells us, as social media engagement translates into new customers for the brand.

In addition to Swims By Didi, Darkor created and manages another brand, Darkor’s ,which is also entirely based online—even having its website recently launched (shopdarkors.com).

Worldwide Shipping!

Phototgraph of Darkor Ofosu-Dorte

To get your own Dikini, or to get one for a significant other, all you have to do is order one through the Swims By Didi DMs. Darkor will just need your UK size, unless you have a large bust, in which case she will need your bust measurements. Then all that’s left is payment and delivery.

Swims By Didi ships worldwide, so you can get your Dikini wherever in the world that you are. Worldwide shipping is handled through DHL Express, one of the fastest and most reliable worldwide shipping services in Ghana.

Darkor’s favourite thing about Swims By Didi is the fact that women of all sizes can finally get a swimsuit that’s just the right fit for them. She loves how confident women feel when they get their Dikinis and finally have a swimsuit that’s a perfect fit.

You can find Swims By Didi on Instagram (@swimsbydidi) and on Twitter (@swimsbydidi).

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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