Nigerian Army Claims The Murderous Incident At Lekki Last Night Was All “Fake News”

Officers of the Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army has labeled the entire horrible incident at the Lekki tollbooth last night as fake news.

Peaceful Nigerian protesters at Lekki have shared photo and video evidence of what they say are Nigerian soldiers opening fire on them though they were unarmed.

There was footage of gunshot wounds and eyewitnesses have also claimed that about 20 protestors were killed during the incident.

However, the Nigerian Army is saying that it wasn’t them.

They have denied sending officers to the Lekki toll booth last night.

On their official Twitter handle, they have labelled all the headlines of their involvement in the shooting of the unarmed peaceful protesters as fake news.

If it wasn’t them, they have a bigger reponsibility of finding the group of armed men who impersonated their officers. A simple denial does not get the Nigerian Army off the hook.


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