Each Song On Killbeatz’ Love And Happiness EP…Ranked!

Killbeatz, King Promise, Ofori Amponsah
Killbeatz, Ofori Amponsah and King Promise joint EP, Love and Happiness

I really like what Killbeatz did with King Promise and Ofori Amponsah on the Love and Happiness EP.

I think it was such a brilliant idea to merge old school and new school on one project. Just because I enjoyed everything, here’s a ranking of all the songs on this joint project from Killbeatz, Ofori Amponsah and King Promise. From my favourite to my “best favourite” (if there’s a word like that):

#4 Odo Nti

Odo Nti is a great song but compared to the others, it deserves this spot. I almost feel bad but aside the vocal coherence is a treat!!! It was easy to forget and not pay attention to who was singing what at a time.

#3 Pretty Little Girl

For this song, it’s the hook for me. The hook had all the juice and definitely added a special something to the song. King Promise didn’t have to snap like that and Ofori Amponsah didn’t have to brag about his high pitch!! The emotions in their voice…It’s beautiful.

#2 Sweetie Jorley

A fast favourite! Ofori Amponsah backing King promise on the chorus had me so excited and I am pretty sure there was some interpolation of one of the old school highlife songs. I cannot place the exact song but I believe Ofori Amponsah’s Otoolege has something to do with it. At least in the intro to the song. I really enjoyed the nostalgia Sweetie Jorley came with. Adding Sarkodie as a feature just made the song feel like it was fresh from the 2000s and Castro would be dropping his verse soon on the song.

#1 No More

Definitely my favourite song off the EP and the most genius display of creativity on the album. Remember what I said about the fusion of genres? This song adds some weight to it. The song starts with Ofori Amponsah’s Damebi for some seconds before it breaks and Joey B drops a verse. It’s like a 2.0 version of Damebi. It’s an amazing show off of the new school sound and I love it. Killbeatz’ production, King Promise’s voice, Darkovibes, Joey B…

There’s crack in this song.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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