5 Things To Keep Private About Your Relationship

It’s okay to vent to friends or ask for advice from them sometimes but there are areas where you would have to draw the line. I know your friends mean well but it’s not everything you have to say.

1. Anything sexual

It even goes without saying that anything sex related shouldn’t be discussed with friends. And this goes from sexting, to naughty pictures and to even performance. Imagine if your partner found out that you’ve been discussing his/her sexual prowess with friends, how do you think they will feel?

2. Financial Issues

Every couple has faced financial issues one way or another and because money is a very sensitive topic, you don’t hear them talking about it until much later when everything is fine. There’s no reason why you can’t do same.

3. Your partner’s insecurities

Your partner confides in you about them and now you’ve gone to tell your friend “in confidence.” They also went to tell another friend “in confidence” and that is how private information about your partner will spread like wild fire. You’re better than that.

4. You/your partner cheating

Cheating equals bad to everyone. If you or your partner cheats, nobody will ever understand why you 2 are trying to work through it. If you’re the one that cheated, all you’ll get from your friends will be judgement even if they don’t show it right in your face. If it’s your partner that cheated, they will never forgive him for doing it.

P.S: If this becomes a constant thing your partner does, you need to confide in someone to help you leave.

5. Your fights

If your partner is emotionally, physically or verbally assaulting you then by all means! Run to your friends. If it’s about those little little fights, just keep it to yourself. After all, you both apologize and move on right? But your friend may never. If you keep talking about your fights with your friends it will lead them to form a negative opinion of your partner which isn’t good for anyone.

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