The Entrepreneur’s Corner: Pillars Of Product Marketing That Are A Must-Know

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If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re selling a product, there are some things that you need to know in order to maximize the marketing potential of your business. These pillars of marketing when employed right will create growth in for your business, whether it’s a physical shop or simply an online business.

This week on The Entrepreneur’s Corner, we are learning the pillars of product marketing from Marketing Strategist Patty The Strategist (@_thisispatty).

How Are You Communicating The Value Of Your Product

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The first pillar of product marketing that we’re going to take a look at is how to communicate the value of the product that you’re selling to your customers. This is basically the “sell.” And according to Patty the Strategist, it’s important to emphasize results over features.

Tell your customer exactly how your product is going to help them. The technical talk, and the list of ingredients for your soap are not what is going to get someone to buy. Instead, you should focus on how that soap has cleared other people’s skin or how it goes about doing something that the customer wants.

How Do You Drive Sales Up?

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One of the first things that is going to make an impression on customers is packaging. When someone buys your product, how it’s packaged instantly speaks to them. However, as Patty the Strategist advises, this doesn’t mean that you should spend obscene amounts of money one just the packaging for your product.

Simple touches like an instruction pamphlet or even just a simple note detailing how your product works can be great.

Another bad habit that may be sabotaging your business is “DM for price.” The price of a product plays a major role in customer’s buying decisions. As such, you want a customer to have all the information at their convenience. When you are open with your prices, a customer might even make the decision to buy before they send you a DM.

Customer Service

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The final pillar of product marketing that we’re going to be looking at is good customer service. Good customer service translates into customer retention. And you can’t grow your customer base if you’re not retaining customers. Patty the Strategist has a sure-fire way to ensure that you’re retaining the customers that you’re making along the way.

First of all, when a customer makes a purchase, you want to take note of their handle and the date of the purchase. Then after a week or two, you can reach out and find out how their use of your product is going.

If you realize that they’re having any trouble, then you can show them the recommended use. Otherwise, you can recommend a different product that would work better for them. When you build a habit of following up with customers who have made a purchase, you even get an insight into when they are going to run out.

Selling Is An Active Job Not A Passive One.

—Patty The Strategist.

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