For Plus-Sized Men: 5 Ways To Ramp Up Your Personal Style

While plus-size representation has been gaining traction in the world of women’s fashion, it is still rare to see men’s apparel – especially underwear – modelled by guys who don’t conform to the stereotypical look of an athletic body and chiselled abs.

Recently, Rihanna chose plus-size men to model some of the items in her SavageXFenty Collection, which include boxers and briefs and a lot of men came out to express their shock and gratitude.

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It’s shameful that it took this long for people to realise that every shape is stylish with the right know-how.

Here are a few things that should always be on your mind to dress better.

1. Fit is important

Fit is everything and so you need to get more tailored options. Your size shouldn’t dictate your personal style so get the sharp suits, shirts in your size and clothes that actually fit you instead of drapey, billowy clothing which makes you look even bigger than you actually are.

2. Use colour sparingly

Dark, plain colours are more flattering on bigger bodies, but that doesn’t mean you have to swerve bright shades completely. A colourful pocket square will lift the eye away from your waistline. This trick works for anything up top, from a mustard scarf to a red beanie. (Source:

3. Wear lightweight clothes

You need to be wary of thick and heavy clothes since they make you look bigger and will even make you sweat a lot, which is already another issue you may be dealing with. A smooth light fabric is always going to be better looking on you as compared to a thick one.

4. Get dark clothes

Black is a slimming colour. Dark clothes don’t show shadows, so any lumps and bumps that sit underneath aren’t as visible. You don’t have to wear the stuff head-to-toe, but it’s especially good for tees, sweats and shirts, which act as a neutral and flattering base to build the rest of your look around. (Source:

5. Wear large accessories

People tend to think of large, thick accessories (especially watches and neckties) as “power” items, conveying the strength and presence of the wearer, which is exactly what you want associated with your size. (Source:

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