Here Are Ragnar Lothbrok’s Best Fights In ‘Vikings’

Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings (image via

“Ragnar” has been trending on Twitter for about 24 hours now after a Twitter user, Sparta, asked a question which has generated a lot of reactions.

Sparta posted the photos of four fictional characters who are very good fighters and asked which of them will emerge the victor in a fight among themselves.

The characters he posted were Uhtred (The Last Kingdom), Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings), Jon Snow (Game of Thrones) and King Arthur (Merlin).

“Who is winning this fight?” Sparta asked.

Almost every tweep chose Ragnar Lothbrok to win the fight.

Some of them went on to post other Ragnar Lothbrok related tweets and that generated more reactions and conversations on Twitter.

In wake of all the talk about Ragnar Lothbrok and his fighting prowess, we decided to look at some of his best fights in Vikings.

One of Ragnar Lothbrok’s best fights was when he challenged Earl Haraldson in one-on-one combat in season 1, episode 6 of Vikings.

Here are more of his Ragnar Lothbrok’s best fights:


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