5 Protective Styling Mistakes To Avoid For Healthier Hair

Protective styles when done right can actually make your hair grow long. It’s not magic. It’s just that when your hair is in these styles, you stop touching them for a while and your ends are protected. The hair stops breaking because it’s protected and you just allow the hair to breathe and rest.

Despite this there are some mistakes a lot of us do which reduce the positive effects protective styling has on our hair. These mistakes can easily be avoided.

1. Allowing your hairstylist trim the hair sticking out of the braids

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When your hairstylist trims the hair that’s sticking out, what she’s really doing is giving you a messy haircut which may be noticeable after you take down the hairstyle. Please DO NOT let your stylist do this to your hair! Instead, tell her to take her time to braid the hair so she wouldn’t have to fix it later on. She can also apply a foam mousse or moisturizing creamon your hair to give your hairstyle a a polished look. (Source: coilsandglory.com)

2. Leaving the styles for too long

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The styles should spend between 4-6 weeks on your head. Anything more than that will leave your hair matted underneath. We all know hair sheds; it’s normal. So when the hair which is supposed to shed is still left under your protective style, it will end up being matted and tangled and it will be a nightmare for you when detangling. If you aren’t patient enough, you’ll cause more breakages.

3. You try to make it last by “rigging” it

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YouTube has quite a few videos featuring women who have found ways to make their braids and twists last for three months or more. A lot of them consists of twisting the new growth with original braids or twists still intact, so that each braid or twist looks like it’s been freshly done. While visually the results are pretty impressive, I still would avoid doing that if I were you. Breakages can still happen. Another result from “rigging” your hair is it can lock up over time because, basically what you are doing, is twisting your hair…just like people who want to lock their own hair do.

4. Your braids are too tiny

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Hair that is parted in very tiny sections and braided with a heavy braid can be easily pulled and uprooted each time the braid is manipulated and put into different styles. It’s also going to be difficult unraveling the tiny braids with patience.

5. Your extensions are heavy

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When the hair is parted in very small sections and braided with a heavy piece of synthetic hair, your hair will end up being pulled from your scalp resulting in bald spots.

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