4 Fetishes That Are Definitely Going To Give You The Creeps

One of the many joys of being a human in a modern era like ours is the freedom to embrace yourself and love yourself for who you are, but let’s be real, some things that make people excited are downright creepy. If you thought fetishes had to do with ONLY sexual acts, you’ve got another thing coming.

Here are 4 fetishes that you did not know existed, but are absolutely going to freak you out.


A /r/CasualUK Mod upon receiving his Heinz© Baked Bribez© - Colourised,  2018 : CasualUK

This is actually a thing, believe it or not. This is where a person is obsessed with sitting, rolling around or even bathing in baked beans. You saw that right. Baked Beans. Looks like your everyday salad dressing could be someone’s ideal pool, as crazy as that sounds.

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