Here’s When To Transfer Your Vote Or Get A Proxy Voter For The 2020 Elections

A Ghanaian Voter

The Electoral Commission is starting the process for voters who would like to transfer their votes from one polling station and/or constituency to the other or empower others to vote on their behalf.

If you are a voter and you would like to transfer your vote or appoint a proxy voter, then the process will occur from October 20 to October 22.

The transfer of vote is not open to everyone – only students and officers in the security services can apply to transfer their votes from where they registered to a place near their residence.

However, anyone who will not be able to vote in their constituency on election day can also apply for proxy voter. A proxy voter is someone who votes on your behalf.

If you want to either transfer your vote or get a proxy voter, you need to visit the Electoral Commission office in your district to apply.


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