Global Boga Releases Positive Vibe Song “Zongo Trap”

Global Boga and Nicole Thea

Most of us will say 2020 has been a horrible year, however, it wouldn’t match what Global Boga has had to live through.

Global Boga started this year on a high note, he had a girlfriend he adored and there was a baby on the way.

In a matter of minutes his perfect world turned upside down when he lost his girlfriend Nicole Thea and their unborn baby boy Reign Thea.

Since then it has been about planting one foot in front of the other and taking everyday with what it offers.

He has mourned and is still mourning in his own way.

Today, he has released a new feel good song called “Zongo Trap”.

“I’m not okay, I’m going insane. My life went from 99% to 0% all in few hours all infront of my eyes and someone wants to tell me Stay Strong???,” he said in an Instagram post.

“HOW THE TF is that possible. I need a formula, until then MUSIC 4EVER,” he said a day before releasing the song.

When he released the song he paid tribute to Nicole by saying “Life has been the opposite without YOU maame but no matter what come my way I WILL LET YOUR LEGACY REIGN.”

You can listen to the song on his YouTube below:


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