4 Reasons Why Men Should Wear Pink

It’s the Breast Cancer Awareness month and so we wear pink. The Pink colour is currently considered a “girly” or “female” colour but it hasn’t always been so.

Here are 4 reasons why the colour pink should be worn by guys with pride.

1. Pink catches women’s attention

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Think about it. Because it’s quite “unconventional”, it catches our attention. Also, because a lot of women were groomed with seeing pink as a feminine colour, they gravitate more to it. They’re attracted to the colour so once it’s on you, it’s definitely getting you all the girls.

2. Pink represents power

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Pink ribbons were given to those who ran in the New York survivor race in 1991 – sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. A year later, the same kind of ribbon became the official symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Other events throughout the ‘90s and 2000s brought out a “fierce” character to the color pink. (Source: realmenstyle.com)

3. Pink used to be masculine

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A 1918 trade catalog for children’s clothing recommended blue for girls. The reasoning at the time was that it’s a much more delicate and dainty tone. Pink was recommended for boys because it’s a stronger and more passionate color, and because it’s actually derived from red. (Source: npr.org)

4. You don’t need to follow everything society says

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There’s really no reason to define your sexuality through colour. So be confident about it and show off your style by rethinking the place of pink in your wardrobe.

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