She’s Here! Adwoa A. Amoako Adjei, Author Of MIXED UP: A Self-Published Mystery Thriller

Photograph of Adwoa A. Amoako Adjei

All of us have stories to tell. Some find the pen and try to put those stories to page. Few finish those stories without giving up in the middle. And fewer still find the guts to invest in their story, making sure that it’s read.

Adwoa A. Amoako Adjei is the author of the recently self-published book Mixed Up, a Ghanaian crime thriller novel that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

However impressive the young woman herself is, the road to self-publishing is one that took some dedication to overcome. And that’s what we’re here for—to tell the story of the story-teller.

Law School And The Hiatus On Writing

Photograph of Adwoa A. Amoako Adjei

Adwoa had the idea for Mixed Up some time after Senior High School. However, it would take some time until the complete draft of the book would be finished. So, after high school, she entered Law School—GIMPA, and as you can imagine, that didn’t leave a whole lot of time for writing. She would binge some writing during vacations and breaks from school, but that still didn’t get her anywhere quickly.

In 2017, the young author graduated from GIMPA. After that, she traveled to Gambia to continue her education in Law. During this period, she had other priorities that needed her attention. Adwoa went on a hiatus from her book, and her writing. In 2018, she finished up her studies in Gambia and returned to Ghana to attend the Ghana School of Law. As she was entering already being a lawyer, she only studied for another year before her call to the bar.

After her call to Makola, Adwoa, in her words, “sat down to finish” her book. Now, she had finished the book. Publishing was the next thing on her checklist.

What It Takes To Self-Publish In Ghana

Cover of Mixed up: Book by Adwoa A. Amoako Adjei

After Adwoa was done with the first draft of her book, she shared it with family and friends. And although her family didn’t think that she was quite so serious at first, they have been nothing short of supportive since they actually read the thing. After her people had gone through the book and told her what they thought, which is that Mixed Up is really good, Adwoa came to the decision to publish it.

From that point, the next logical step was to get the book edited by a professional. The editing took a month and a half. And between the gaps in her busy schedule, Adwoa worked on the corrections she needed to make. That also took about a month. Eventually, the book was ready to publish. Adwoa took on the legwork herself, going from publisher to publisher, and going through deal after deal.

It took ten days to publish Mixed Up’s over 100 copies, the costs of which were covered by the author herself.

The Book Launch

Adwoa had grand ideas for the launch of her first published book. But as we’ve seen several times already this year, the pandemic has the tendency to take the “grand,” out of plans. With the encouragement of her friends though, Adwoa had a launch for her book that was hosted online. And then in addition to that, she had a small in-person event to complement that. That event had her family as its backbone. With dedication and a solid support system Adwoa turned her idea into a story that you can grab a copy of, for GHS50.00.

Although her initial stock of prints has sold out, you can place an order for your copy of Mixed Up and get it soon. Mixed Up will also be in bookstores soon. You can find Adwoa on:

Instagram: @ms.adjei

Twitter: @Mz_Adjei

Or Call: 0245281008 for your copy of the book



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