Scribe Communications Claim Dennis Cobblah ‘Never Went Missing’

Dennis Cobblah

Scribe Communications have described the news of Dennis Cobblah going missing as “a prank”, indicating that he “never went missing” after investigations.

Dennis Cobblah, who is a cast member in two plays of the company, reportedly went missing on Friday, October 10, 2020, after visiting the Sandbox beach at Labadi with his friends for a video shoot.

According to statement signed by Otabil Arthur, the Production Manager of Scribe Communications, the news of Cobblah going missing was brought to the attention of the company on Saturday, October 11, 2020, and they immediately put out news item on Monday, October 12, 2020, on some media platforms to help find him.

“Fortunately, our brother was said to have been found on Wednesday, October 14, 2020, with unclear details. However in trying to find out how exactly he got lost and found, we discovered inconsistent stories from his close aides and the supposed victim himself.”

“To cut a long story short, he never went missing,” the company said in the statement.

Scribe Communications have, however, dissociated themselves from any news of Dennis Cobblah going missing.

“Scribe is a brand of integrity. We do not know the purpose for this stunt of toying with emotions of masses and have no association with it. We are only being genuinely human,” the company said.

The company also asked the public to “disregard any news of a missing Dennis Cobblah published earlier.”

“If possible, kindly delete,” they added.

Below is a copy of the statement:


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