Quiz: What GH Meal Best Describes Your Life In Uni?

Students image via UG-Legon, Beans via Ghanaian Food Network, Jollof via biscuits and ladles

Who dey vex pass?

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What's the worst grade you've ever got?

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What's the best way to study?

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Which method of preparing for exams do you swear by?

What time within the school year do you make sure you don't miss lectures?

Where do you sit during lectures?

Did you get the course you wanted to study?

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Lectures kakraa, Jamming kakraa...a balanced diet.

You dey jam pass but your academic life needs saving. Shoutout to your struggling GPA
Okro soup

Your Uni life dierr...just vibes. You cannot coman kee yourself for anything. You're just passing through


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