Legendary Highlife Musician Aka Blay Reveals True Lyrics In ‘Taking The Girls Away’

Legendary Highlife Musician Aka Blay Reveals True Lyrics In ‘Taking The Girls Away’

Legendary Ghanaian Highlife Musician, Aka Blay’s song ‘Take Away’ took the world by storm as the lyrics got a lot of people swaying their hips and tapping their feet.

The kick in this jam was the ‘we are taking the girls away’ which many people loved.

Aka Blay has revealed that just like every great musician, he had to twist the words in the song a bit and that the favourite line in the song, ‘We are taking the girls away’ was not originally “girls”.

He made this revelation in an interview with Y 107.9 FM’s Kojo Manuel, host of ‘Dryve of Your Lyfe’.

The musician revealing the genesis of the song said that there was once a chief who had a catchphrase for getting his visitors to the dinning table.

“When it was time to eat, the chief will tell his elders, ‘We are taking the guests away to eat’ and that is the real lyrics of the song”.

The Highlife legend added that he had never planned on recording the song but it was made possible by music producer, Peewezel.

“Peewezel made the song possible. Whenever I go to the studio, I sang we’re taking the guest away and used that for my tuning. And one day, Peewezel told me it was a good song which had to be recorded and we did it together with Cabum.

He admitted that the manner in which the song was accepted was beautiful and was happy to say the song achieved its purpose.

In 2016, Aka Blay released ‘Take Away’ which featured rapper Cabum. The song received massive air play and is still one of Ghana’s favorite songs.

Source: YFM

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