How To “Win” A Ghanaian Woman #2: What Women Find Most Attractive About Men

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Just to clarify, Ghanaian women are not trophies. And they are definitely not objects to be won. The Ghanaian woman is a complex and intelligent being with a strong will of her own. That being said, when you get that person that you’re crazy about to finally notice you, it can’t be called anything but a win.

Yesterday, we looked at how to make the right first impression on the person that you want. While that is all and good, first impressions can only get you so far. That’s why today, we’re looking at some of the qualities that Ghanaian women find the most irresistible in the men they’re attracted to. And of course, we got the insider scoop from some Ghanaian women themselves.

Good Communication Skills

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Now, while a Ghanaian man might just be overwhelmed by the first impression that a woman makes, Ghanaian women know better. According to one of the women that spoke to, women know that they can’t trust the first impression. They want to get to know who you are. And usually that happens through communication.

So, if you’re the type to shut yourself off, or you’re just a bad communicator, then it’s something that you need to work on.

Your Intentions

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Men usually know their intentions when they approach a woman. And for the Ghanaian woman, your actions show those intentions. According to one of our interviewees, Ghanaian women are looking for guys who are interested in helping them become better versions of themselves. Not people who are just looking for a good time.


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Now people usually hear intelligence and think of book smarts. However, that’s not the entire picture, although some of the women we spoke to mentioned book smart as being attractive.

Intelligence also means being good at whatever it is that you choose to do. Even if it’s just a hobby, if you can “really spoil there,” that’s attractive.

According to our interviews, Ghanaian women are also attracted to men who are intelligent when it comes to how to treat a lady, and general manners.



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