Dennis Cobblah Debunks Claims That He Intentionally Went Missing

Dennis Cobblah

Dennis Cobblah has denied claims that he intentionally went missing as a publicity stunt.

He reportedly went missing on Friday, October 10, 2020, after visiting the Sandbox beach at Labadi with his friends for a video shoot. He was reportedly found on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

Earlier this morning, Scribe Communications released a statement dissociating themselves from any news of Dennis Cobblah going missing, as well as, describing the incident as “a prank.” Dennis Cobblah is a cast member in two plays of the company. 

Moments after the statement was released, Cobblah took to Twitter to respond to the claims in a video.

He admitted that he actually went to the beach with his friends on Friday. He, however, indicated that he was dealing with personal issues on that day.

“So on Friday, I did go to the beach with my friends and if anyone could tell my demeanour that day, they could I was very solemn that day because I was dealing with personal issues, and I am not in the business of coming to tell people my personal issues or put my personal issues on social media.”

Dennis went on to state that he did not go missing as a publicity stunt.

“I do admit that by not telling my close friends where I was going, I had put everyone in pandemonium, but that wasn’t my intention, I am truly sorry, I am not in the business of publicity stunt.”

He added: “This is an issue I was going through and please all those who are putting that press release out, there’s a thin line between watching out for your brother and becoming vindictive… please debunk that publicity stunt, I am not in that business, I beg you.”

Watch him speak on the issue:


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