5 Struggles NSS Personnel Can Relate With

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The 2020 NSS personnel have been working for almost 2 months and they’re slowly understanding the work environment and adjusting to its climate.

By now you’ve understood the power dynamics and settled into your role at your workplace and even though within you, you’re crying from all the work and even late nights at the office, you still try to put on a brave smiley face. 😹

We are sure you can relate to most, if not all of these struggles.

1. Waking up at dawn

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In the University, you were probably missing 7:30am lectures because… well, nobody can catch you; except of course it’s time for a test or Exam but look at you now. In order to spend less time in traffic, you wake up at dawn to finish house chores, bath and get ready for work ASAP.

2. Wondering if this is going to be the rest of your life


Let’s be honest. Even if where you are is where you’ve always dreamt of being, the idea of 5 days a week (and sometimes all the days of the week), dedicated to working for hours only to be paid 12 times a year can get you really worried. If you’re a girl, there’s a good chance that you’ve thought of just marrying a rich man and living lavishly without a worry more than once.

3. Trying to be on your best behavior so you can be retained

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You’ve heard that they retain just a handful of NSS Personnel so you’re trying so hard to do everything right and be nice even though some people in your office PISS you off! Lmao but you’re playing the long game here. You have to swallow your pride and all the nasty things you would have said to them so that you can get the chance to work there as a permanent worker. Keep up the good work😹

4. Trying hard to keep your actual opinions to yourself so you’ll not be tagged “disrespectful”

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This can be particularly hard if you’re a very outspoken and assertive person. What you should remember is that you should mind your business unless you’re asked, if you’re asked, state your opinion as respectfully as possible and if you think the argument is dragging out, be there bigger person and try to end it politely. Also remember that some people will tag you as disrespectful even if you politely state your opinions too. Try not to pay attention to them.

5. People hitting you up after the first month asking for “something small” since you’re now “working”

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The GHS 559 isn’t even enough for your transportation and food but these people think you’re a walking bank at the end of the month.

How many of these did you relate to?

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