VIDEO: Young Nigerians Are Now Policing The Police

SARS Protests
End SARS protestors in Nigeria. Image via Twitter//@ladytiffs_ Photo credit: @mmediong

Nigeria is at the crossroads – go with the same old same old or actually effect changes that uplift young people to be the best they can be.

The End SARS protest in Nigeria against police brutality is ushering in a new Nigeria in many ways that was not anticipated a month ago.

In a new viral video, the young people in Nigeria are taking matters into their own hands and making sure that the right thing is done.

In the video, a Nigerian police officer was allegedly trying extort from a driver.

However, the people present would not allow that to happen and they stood up against him.

Eventually, the police officer left the scene with no money but a lot of shame.

This is something that would not have happen a month ago.

Now, the police is losing their power and the citizens are taking back control.

This is indeed the beginning of a new Nigeria where the police is now being policed by young people who are demanding just a little from a country that owes them everything.


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