The Top 5 Jams On Shatta Wale’s Reign Album

Shatta Wale Reign album
Official cover art for Shatta Wale Reign album

Yesterday marked two years since Shatta Wale dropped his Reign album.

Personally, the mixing on this project bothers me a lot. I wasn’t feeling the fact that there was a rawness to most of the songs but one thing I can never lie about no matter what, is that the production was fire on a lot of songs!

To celebrate the King and his Reign album, these are the lit-est songs on the album. The ones that make a crowd go crazy when it’s performed or turn a small gathering into a massive dettying dance contest as long as there is alcohol and the energy is electric!

tracklist for Gringo

From singing along to Gringo and busily shouting Amount, here are my top 5 jams! 

#5 Crazy

It’s the way this song starts and everything about it that’s just a Friday night jam. No seriousness, just vibes. 

#4 Amount 

The star of this song is in the hook/chorus. 

#3 Wonders 

Shatta couldn’t have picked a better person to join him on a song. Olamide and Shatta definitely equal madness and they poured it out on this song!

#2 If I See 

Honestly, all the juice is in the production. I had to decide between this and Bend Over and… obviously, this won. 

#1 Gringo 

Gringo is just full of good energy and makes me so happy! Shatta having fun while singing is very infectious… I can’t believe people trolled this song the first time it dropped because… it’s a mad ting!


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