How To “Win” A Ghanaian Woman #1: The First Impression

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Just to clarify, Ghanaian women are not trophies. And they are definitely not objects to be won. The Ghanaian woman is a complex and intelligent being with a strong will of her own. That being said, when you get that person that you’re crazy about to finally notice you, it can’t be called anything but a win.

So today, on the first issue of this three-part series, How To ‘Win’ A Ghanaian Woman, we are looking at how to make the right first impression. Kuulpeeps brings you this collection of tips from conversations with some Ghanaian women.

Come On, Obviously Appearance Comes First

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Five out of the five women that spoke to us mentioned appearance in one way or the other. That means good looks, your dressing, your personal hygiene and just the physical impression that you make when you meet someone. For a first impression, you want to look clean and dress decently.

So if it’s a date, you don’t want to throw something casual on when a lady put on a whole outfit for you. Bro, do you know the effort that goes into the makeup alone?

Then, You Want To Smell Good

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In the words of one of our interviewees, “Look good and smell nice. This is what attracts the opposite sex.” And that point was driven home by some of other women that we spoke to. You don’t have to be smelled a room away. But when you’re trying to make a first impression, you want to use every medium available to you. That means also appealing to her sense of smell.

Again, moderation is key. You don’t want to be remembered as that guy who always smells like he bathed in cologne.

Finally, Your Attitude Can Make Or Break The First Impression

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It’s not enough to just look good, you should also have certain qualities (behaviour-wise) to attract a Ghanaian woman. First of all, you don’t want to be an asshole. No, it is not cool to talk down at people, and it is not cool to be rude to people who are just trying to get through a day at work.

You should be courteous and well-mannered. And it’s a plus if well-spoken. Just the way that a person talks can also be attractive.

Bonus tip, just make sure to listen when she talks. Actually listen, and make sure she’s aware that she has the stage when she speaks.



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