Ghanaians Promise To Continue The Online End SARS Protest If Nigeria Shuts Down The Internet

Brotherhood between Ghana and Nigeria

The internet and social media has been amazing tools in the End SARS protests.

It has been key in helping to get the word out and for groups to organize both online and offline protests.

However, there have been fears that the Nigerian government is planning to shutdown the internet.

“There are now speculations that the Nigerian government may shut the protesters up by shutting down the internet since the surreptitious move to divide the protesters have failed,” the Guardian Nigeria, reported.

Since the news hit the internet, most Nigerians have been warning the government to back off if they indeed had such plans.

Miles away in Ghana, Ghanaians, who have been supporting the Nigerian protestors from day 1, have volunteered to carry on with the online protest should the Nigerian government shut down their internet.

Offering to become online surrogates for the Nigerian protesters means that the End SARS protest will continue to remain a talking point online even if Nigerians in Nigeria cannot do so.

This is called showing up!


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