4 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Jeans

Jeans have been in existence for years and whenever you aren’t sure of what to wear, they’re available for you. Over the years, we’ve seen high rise, low rise, high waist jeans, mum Jeans, boyfriend jeans and everything in between. While we love to follow trends, it’s a good idea to figure out which jeans best complements your body type.

Here are some tips to help you get jeans with the perfect fit.

1. Fabric Density

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Very often, thin fabrics get stretched out fast and end up looking bad. Additionally, jeans made of thin fabrics only highlight the flaws of the body. But thick fabrics can hide some problem areas. Good jeans must contain cotton and a bit of elastane. This helps to prevent the stretching of the fabric and the model becomes more comfortable to wear.

2. The yoke

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The yoke is the seam you can see above the back pockets. It looks as if it was made to round the shape from the back and form beautiful lines. In order to visually raise the buttocks from below, choose jeans with a bigger yoke angle. The smaller the angle, the flatter the buttocks will look.

3. Front Pockets

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Deep front pockets will make the hips look bigger. And if you have a model with smaller pockets that are above the pelvic bone, your hips will appear to be smaller. The width of the pocket is just as important. The wider they are, the wider that part of the body will look.

4. The jeans colour

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Dark jeans usually make the body look slimmer and enhance height. Lighter colors make the lower part of the body look bigger, and combined with dark shoes, they make you appear shorter. However, if you like light jeans but don’t want to look bigger, choose light-colored clothes on your upper half.

Source: brightside.me

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