The Ghanaian Role In The #SARSMUSTEND Movement

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My heart is heavy as I type this. There’s so much going on in Nigeria, so much happening to our mates there. They’re not fighting for the basic amenities they don’t have but for their lives.

Image of a protester at the #EndSars protest

This is really not the time to do “unlooking”. This is not the time to be involved with other things. This is when Nigerians need us the most. We call them our brothers and sisters but when it comes to action, we are nowhere to be found.

We aren’t there to go and protest with them but we are in the day and age where Social Media does wonders; all it takes is to retweet and share as many posts that have the hashtags #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #SarsMustEnd and all the others which include SARS.

Image of a protester at the #EndSars protest

We did it over the weekend and called the attention to international platforms and they did stories about the issue which brought about the so called “disbandment” of SARS.

The traditional media in Nigeria is sharing wrong information about the protests and misleading the older generation, painting the youth as jobless people who just want to stress out the Government. If not for social media and the proof the youth are sharing, we would have all believed them.

If you’re on Twitter, you need to retweet “aggressively” especially because that’s where most of the Nigerians direct others. When there was a police shootout at their Airport, they put it out and cautioned people. When there’s an ambulance needed, they tweet it and people find a way to help out.

Another way is to share on your WhatsApp statuses so that the older generation can also see and so those who are not on Twitter can also know what’s going on.

Facebook users, I think this is your time to shine. Majority of our parents and older family members are on there. Kindly share the videos and images. Take screenshots and share it so they know what’s happening in Nigeria because if we are being honest, our traditional media isn’t doing anything about it.

If you’re on any other social media platform, please be a voice on there. Don’t go on as if nothing is happening. No matter what, nobody deserves to be treated the way Nigerians are being treated. Nobody deserves to be dragged on the floor like an animal to enter an unmarked van only to be sent into a cell for more torture and in some cases, death. Nobody’s mother deserves to be slapped so hard that her cheek is swollen just because she’s begging for her son to be released since he was arrested for exercising his right to protest PEACEFULLY.

I implore you not to be silent! Speak! Your voice is needed!

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