Ghanaians Drag Comedian Michael Blackson For Condemning COVID-19 Test At Kotoka

Michael Blackson

Ghana is said to have one of the strictest COVID-19 restrictions in the world.

The land and sea boarders are still closed, however, people can travel into and out of the country through the Kotoka International Airport.

Those wishing to travel into the country must first provide a COVID-19 negative test results that was taken at least 72 hours before traveling to Ghana.

When they arrive at Kotoka, they will be required $150 for an instant COVID-19 test.

People who test positive are then handed over to healthcare professionals to administer care.

As Ghana is one of the countries with such strict COVID-19 protocols, it has made traveling to Ghana a difficult task.

Hollywood-based Ghanaian comedian, Michael Blackson, took to Twitter to complain about the restrictions and how it is stressful for travelers.

“We had to take a covid test less than 3 days prior to travel then we land ya shoved that sh*t in our nose then we had to wait around for 45 mins for the results before entering. It’s not that serious,” he said.

However, Ghanaians had different opinions and they called him out for saying COVID-19 is not that serious.

The shocking part in all of this is that the tweet is still up and he made no efforts towards a show of remorse or apologizing.


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