#EndSARS: 5 Naija Celebs/Influencers Who Have Been Dragged Heavily For Staying Silent

Yvonne Orji image via Melanmag

The Nigerian youth are making us proud in their protests and their focus is admirable! They have one goal and they’re doing all they can to reach it but, every once in a while they call out anyone they feel isn’t stepping up or being hypocritical.

The interesting thing about this is, they drag you a little and then they move on and go to the streets to protest.

Yvonne Orji 

The Nigerian-American actress has constantly and consistently bragged and made jokes about the land of her birth at any opportunity. On their Independence Day, she posted a video screaming about about Nigeria celebrating their independence while wearing a Naija flag Agbada yet once the #EndSARS protests began, Nigerians noticed she’d been suspiciously silent. It took a lot of dragging till we saw her finally post once about the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

Jackie Aina 

The Nigerian-American beauty and makeup guru was called out by Nigerians for her silence on the End SARS movement but the best thing is, she’s currently more active than others who got dragged, constantly tweeting and retweeting the hashtags, exposing the Nigeria situation to all her followers 

DJ Cuppy 

Florence Otedola known as Cuppy responded to the protests in Nigeria by hopping in her private jet straight to Nigeria. Unfortunately she tweeted she wouldn’t be able to join in the protests as soon as she’d hoped because she was required to quarantine for 14 days per Coronavirus mandates. Never mind that now tests can be done with results available in less than 24hours. Anyway she tweeted she was working behind the scenes once Twitter went on a dragging spree and at this very moment, is protesting by herself in self isolation in the rain to show support.

Ronke Raji 

Ronke, a Nigerian YouTuber and makeup and beauty enthusiast based in the USA was dragged by Nigerians when a follower of hers asked why she wasn’t commenting on the End SARS protest. She practically said she’s not entitled to and that’s why everyone descended on her. 

Her husband who’s also Nigerian gave her his full support and practically called Nigerians lazy and more and well…Nigeria reacted by making her lose hundreds of followers and Youtube subscribers. 

Later she posted a video on her YouTube channel to address why she made that comment on the End SARS protests and Nigerians did not disappoint by reporting the video and asking people not to watch it at all because she was totally unrepentant

The result? Her Twitter account is deactivated and the video on YouTube has been taken down. 

All in a day’s work.


A podcaster and influencer with Nigerian roots literally told anyone who brought up the EndSARS protest that, she isn’t going to speak on something she hasn’t researched on. 

She’s known for being very vocal about issues black people face in the states and doesn’t shy away from her Naija heritage. She had a dope-ass caption about her swaggy rowdy homeland on Nigeria’s Independence Day.


 At the moment, her Twitter has a few sprinkles of End SARS tweets. Take your time when scrolling though, you might miss them. 

Burna Boy was dragged until he came out to reveal his mum was undergoing surgery which was why he didn’t say much in the beginning. However, he’s been doing a splendid job so far and has been instrumental in spreading the word and offering assistance to protestors.

There are more and most of them have tried to redeem themselves. It’s interesting how a lot of “research” is being done by people who have claimed their homeland in full force at some points. 


At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is showing support, if you care, to the #EndSARS / #EndSWAT / #SARSMustEndNow protest online and on the ground!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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