American Rapper Mariahlynn And Others Choose Their Favourite Reign Album Song

Reign Album cover art

Today is two years since one of the best albums was launched in the country.

It is The Reign Album from the self proclaimed King of dancehall himself, Shatta Wale.

The launch of the album including its merch was a pivotal moment in the Ghana entertainment history.

Fans beseeched the Fantasy Dome at the Trade Fair as they enjoyed performances from Shatta Wale and other musicians.

The album had 17 songs including Gringo, Amount and others.

As part of celebrations for the second anniversary of the album, Shatta Wale asked his fans to choose their favorite song on the album.

That was when one of the high profile American rappers made her choice.

Mariahlynn, who is also on Love and Hip Hop, quoted Shatta Wale’s tweet and said she loved all the songs.

As to whether she understood the words in the song, that’s another issue.

Mariahlynn and Shatta Wale have a song together that came out after his collaborative work with Beyonce on “Already”.

Their song “Be Strong” was released in 2019.

Others also had their own choices.

Y’all jamming to Reign tonight?


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