5 Things We Wish Men Would Stop Lying About

Technically, we’ve all lied. Whether they were white lies or real big ones. Now if you’re in a relationship with someone, you grow to know them. You know what makes them tick, what they like and know when they’re lying. Here are some common things men like to lie about.

1. Past Relationships

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A number of men lie to partners about cheating in previous relationship because they don’t want to scare off a potential new love but this is a type of lie that erodes trust from the relationship. It’s only going to make matters worse.

2. Body count

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Intimacy will always be a sensitive topic especially for us in Ghana. While most women try to hide or reduce the number of people they’ve had sex with, guys actually inflate their numbers as they want to be seen as an experienced lover.

3. Finding other people attractive

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The world is a big place and there are a lot of beautiful people around who are attractive. Most men have learned that finding other people attractive isn’t received well with their partners and to keep the peace, they would rather not acknowledge it out loud.

4. Their sexual performance

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I don’t even know why it’s a thing because the more you hype yourself up, the higher the expectations and even if in the end, the performance was fine, because of the expectations, your partner will be disappointed.

5. Being scared

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Men want to be seen as strong and invincible in your eyes and admitting that they’re scared won’t do that. When the emotion of fear arises, they may choose to withhold that feeling because they don’t want their partner to think less of them.

Ladies, what other things do guys lie about?

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