4 Techniques For Sliding In The DMs That Are Very Creepy

We have all had this happen to us before: you spot a cute girl or a nice guy on your Instagram explore page or your TikTok For You page, and are instantly attracted to them.

At this point, we are all fully aware of the DM-ing do’s and don’ts, but some techniques or conversation starters are just downright scary. Here are 4 ways to not go down the scary DM wormhole and who knows? Maybe you could have an amazing social media love story.

Hitting up a random stranger with “boo” or “bae”

Sliding In Dms GIFs | Tenor

This is an absolute travesty, to say the least. It’s downright scary to start a convo with someone you’ve never met with flirtatious comments. A nice compliment here and some positive remarks there would be just fine.

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