4 Facetime Rules Nobody Ever Teaches You, But You Should Know

It’s super easy to reach out to friends or people you love and care about via text message, and it’s effective and efficient. However, when it comes to video chatting and FaceTime, everybody has some kind of mentality, which, most times, is not the move.

So, to make your life a lot more tolerable online, here are 4 rules to follow on Facetime that nobody ever tells you, but you should definitely know and abide by with all your heart.

When you text someone and they don’t reply, never Facetime them

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Honestly, one of the most annoying things aside from unexpected power outages in Ghana (we’re looking at you Mr President) is an unexpected Facetime video call. Whenever you text someone and for a while, there’s not a reply, NEVER resort to video calling. They could be busy doing their business or saving someone even. You’d never know!

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