The Entrepreneur’s Corner: What You Need To Set Up Your Own Zoom Class

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As a result of the pandemic, we have seen a lot of new money-making ideas come into play. People are taking advantage of the fact that the world has seemingly moved online. We have students, graduates and full-time entrepreneur’s alike setting up shop on Instagram with innovative products and services. It has been a period of growth for the online business industry.

One of the ways that some creatives and people who have value to share are taking advantage of the digital boom is by organizing Zoom tutorials, classes and events. This week on The Entrepreneur’s Corner, we speak to Emmanuel Leslie Addae, an entrepreneur and co-founder/CEO of Talents In Africa and Africa Skills Hub. Leslie has had some experience with running events on Zoom during and after the lockdown, and he shares how he goes about it all with us.

Making Money From Zoom Events

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I’ve seen some tweets pop-up now and again where people are promoting their Zoom classes and tutorials. Sometimes, these people even charge for the classes. So you would see a photographer sell out slots for his Zoom tutorials in a week or two. Is this actually a credible way to pull in some cash?

Well, according to Emmanuel Leslie Addae, if you want a Zoom event to sell out, there is an essential thing that you need. In Leslie’s opinion, people are tired of online training events. So, why would they pay for one? Leslie believes that you need to convince people of the value that your session will provide in order to sell. According to him, this can mean holding a physical session to demonstrate what people will be getting from your course or doing something that has a similar effect.

If you have a brand or a platform that people are interested in, then selling slots to your event becomes easier. Next, let’s look at what actually goes into setting up Zoom event.

Taking Measures Against Zoom Bombing

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If you don’t know what Zoom bombing is, you obviously aren’t ready for your Zoom class yet. So, when you’re putting your Zoom event together, you want to get the word out as much as possible. For some people, that means sharing the link and password for the event around. Making your event so accessible can have some flaws though. An example being a Zoom bomber showing up. These people will take over your event and try to cause some chaos. That could be through shouting into their mic or even nudity on video.

In order to make sure that your event is safe from Zoom bombers, you can create a pre-registration process only only allow access to the people who pre-register. Another thing that you can do, is have someone moderate the call once it starts. This person will look for cues of a Zoom bomber and remove people from the event if they attempt create a distraction.

Promote The Event

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The final piece of the puzzle, without which you can’t put your event together, is promotion. You need to let people know about the class you’re holding if you want people to attend. For Leslie, that means Facebook and LinkedIn, However, you should try to put yourself in the mind of someone who would sign up for the course. What app would that person be on? Facebook also allows the promotion of Zoom streams on the platform. Although the cost of promoting a single zoom call is a bit above GHS200.

Leslie believes that it’s important to not do it alone. When you’re thinking of an event like this, collaborating with your peers allows you to provide more value for the people who attend. It makes the session more attractive to them. In addition to that, collaborating with someone else means that you have access to all your collective market.

Now we have some final tips from Leslie that he has picked up over his experience running Zoom meetings. One: keep it short. If you do, then people will feel better about coming next time. Short here means around the 60-minute range. Finally, you also want to use slides and make everything more visual. You also want to record the sessions so that you can share them on your social media platform.

The Entrepreneur’s Corner is a weekly series that brings you business tips and insights from people with real-world business experience.



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