Students Of UCC Narrate Experience Of Alleged Robbery Incident On Campus

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There were reports from the University of Cape Coast (UCC) on Monday night [October 12, 2020], about a robbery attack on some of the students.

Students of the university alleged that a robbery incident occurred involving men armed with knives and guns.

The issue took over Twitter resulting in the hashtag #UCCLivesMatter and other related terms trending.

The Central Regional Police Command and the Management of UCC have, however, debunked the reports of robbery attack on the students on campus.

In trying to get a better understanding of what transpired last night on the UCC campus, spoke to two students of the school and here’s what they said:

Narration of student 1:

“Yesterday I left my hostel around 7 pm to the LLT to study.”

“So around 11 pm, a guy was crying and saying that some guys have taken all his stuff at gunpoint… and because of the way he was speaking and crying, I actually didn’t see the robbery but it sounded real because I didn’t know why he would fake that.

“That made a lot of people decide to leave the lecture theatre to their hostels because these things actually happen at the various hostels, and even on your way to lectures, but for it to happen around the lecture rooms was kind of scary… so a lot of people left.

“I also decided to leave the main lecture theatre to the CK Akah lecture theatre… So I went to the place at 11:12. We were all studying and we were about sixty people in the class and I don’t know what happened, but someone just said ‘I think the thieves are around’, and that was all and there was a ‘scateé’ and everyone started running here and there.

“We all picked out laptops and phones at once and we all run towards the board to stand in front of the class because if we were all supposed to pass through a single gate, there would have been a stampede and so we all run there and we heard that it was a false alarm.

“So we all decided not to stay there again, so we took our stuff and left to our various hostels because the police and the security guards at the school came around to help take us to our various hostels in groups.

“But the theft issues do happen, it happens,” he added.

Narration of student 2:

“Around 11pm last night, my friends and I were learning at a lecture theatre close to LLT and while we were learning, my cousin brought her phone and she told me that news was circulating that there had been a robbery at LLT and people around the other lecture theatres are advised to walk in pairs or if it is possible, they should go to their hostels early”

“Right after she showed my the message, one of my mates called me and told me that I should start going to my hostel because they just robbed them at where they were and the robbers might probably come to where I was studying.

“So we were there and waiting and contemplating on what to do and we heard a loud noise downstairs and before we knew it, people at the ground floor started running and the people at the middle floor were also running.

“And a girl in the lecture theatre where I was studying, was like the robbers are here, so everybody started running until we went downstairs and we found that it was a false alarm.”

“But we didn’t feel safe because we know they are around campus and they could be on the road, but we eventually decided to go to our hostels… we were a lot and were walking in groups because we were scared that we will be robbed.”

Since the incident, the Management of UCC and the Central Regional Police Command have come out to debunk the reports, stating it was all a false alarm.


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