4 of The Most Used Internet Slang In 2020

If you’ve made it this far in this mess of the year 2020, you’d know that with the way this world is going, there’s some new slangs or phrases if you will that have come out, either in text messages or in everyday conversation. Some of us understand them, some of us can’t seem to know the best time to you them, so these are 4 of the most used slangs the internet has birthed that we all just can’t stop saying.

It’s the…………..for me

Like For Me It Was Lit Its The Best GIF - LikeForMeItWasLit ItsTheBest  OnFire - Discover & Share GIFs

Almost everybody has added this to their vocabulary, and it was generated and recognized this year. See someone looking extra classy today? You can say, “It’s the cool clothes for me”. Notice your friend feeling extra down on their birthday? Hit them with an “It’s the mild birthday depression for me”. See? It’s the understanding this very quickly for me!

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