3 Reasons That Prove That Believing In Zodiac Signs Is Not Okay

Some people take the issue of zodiac signs and horoscopes super personal, and for those people, it’s all good, but has it ever crossed your mind that believing in zodiac signs is all baloney? Well, you’re not alone, I’ll tell you that right now.

Here are 3 solid enough reasons that prove that believing in zodiac signs is not the move. Spoiler alert: this is going to be a hard pill to swallow for zodiac lovers, so tread lightly.

Who bases their actions on stars

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Fine, your boyfriend treats you horribly, or your girlfriend does not give you attention, that is no reason whatsoever to blame their zodiac. For some, it is a logical reason, but for others, it just sounds crazy.

It speaks volumes about you

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Putting your trust in the alignment of stars speaks a whole lot about you and your character as a person. Whether hold yourself accountable for your actions or blame the universe, it’s your call.

It is almost unattractive

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In as much as some people crave the information given to them by their horoscopes and natal charts, others do not, and for them, it is an extremely unattractive trait to have.


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