Let’s Get You Hired: Do These Things To Get A Job Through Your Contact List

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We’re back with another issue of Let’s Get You Hired featuring tips from HR Professional, Kwame Bene Smith. On this week’s issue, we are going to look at how to get a job through your contact list.

As someone freshly entering the job market, you are going to need people to show you how things work, and if you’re lucky you will also find someone that becomes instrumental to you finding a job.

So, let’s go through our contact list with the tips from Kwame Bene Smith in mind and see if that yields any results.

Approach Professionals In Your Field For Information

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One thing you should be aware of is the fact that “Ghanaians are hospitable,” is not just a meaningless saying. It is actually true. If you’re looking to get a job after school, you want to start by talking to some professionals in that field. These people will advice you based on their experience in the field. That means that, they will tell you the areas where you need to improve and other ways of getting yourself in a position for a job in that field.

To set-up an informational interview, you can send an email that simply asks if the professional you’re engaging would be willing to share some information. The tone of your email should reflect your relationship with that person. If it’s someone you are reaching out to for the first time, stay formal.

When you have access to a professional in your field, an in-person conversation or a conversation over the phone are also ways to go. If you’re unsure about a career path, this tip will help you get the insights that you need.

When It Comes To Job Hunting, The Certification Alone Is Not Enough To Secure You That Job.

—Kwame Bene Smith.

Maintain Good Relationships With Former Associates

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When you leave a job—or internship/national service, it is a good idea to maintain relationships with the people that you worked with. Your previous supervisors and coworkers will also have professional networks. Maintaining a good network with these people means that you have access to opportunities from each other.

An obvious advantage of maintaining good relationships in this respect is that you will always have a good list of references. Additionally, you will also have access to people that can give you advise with professional decisions based on their experiences.

Know The Difference Between Cold Contacts And Warm Contacts

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You can’t approach everyone in your contact list the same way and expect good results. It is important to identify the difference between cold contacts and warm contacts. Cold contacts are people that you have no personal relationship with. You can reach out to these people professionally, but if you’re reaching out to ask for a favour, make sure that it isn’t something that inconveniences them. Otherwise you risk not getting a reply back.

Warm contacts may be friends or acquaintances that you maintain good relationships with. Asking these people for help with you career should feel a little more comfortable. However, it is still important to remain polite.

Let’s Get You Hired is a weekly manual for job seekers. The series contains guides and tips on CVs, Interviews and other resources to get you hired.

This article was brought to you by YourHRMasterclass, a YouTube channel run by Kwame Bene Smith. Kwame Bene Smith is a Human Resource Expert who is actively involved in the cause of reducing youth unemployment.

Source: Kwame Bene Smith—YourHRMasterclass


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