If You’ve Eaten At An Expensive Restaurant, Let’s Tell Your Story

First of all, in these times, before you go to a restaurant, you need to find the menu and look through it to know how much you’ll be spending roughly. It’s imperative that you do this otherwise you’ll get there and will not be able to buy anything.

Anyways, if you’ve entered a restaurant without looking for their online menu, you’ll relate to these things.

1. This is you going through the menu at the place

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There’s a chance that you’ll be able to only afford water and even with that, you’re deliberating whether or not to leave because, that water in traffic is GHS 2 and on the Menu it’s almost GHS 10.

2. When you order the food and it’s not a lot

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“Excuse me waiter but I ordered rice with Coleslaw. What is this please?” 😹😹 You wanted to show yourself and people that you can eat at big big places and now see what’s in front of you.

3. Then you start wondering how much the ingredients of the food cost

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Because those 20 grains of rice on the plate and slices of vegetables as coleslaw isn’t up to the plenty cedis they’re charging. How?

4. When the food isn’t tasty

You start wondering why the God gave you appetite for things you cannot afford.

5. When the waiter comes to ask if you need anything anymore

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“If you don’t Gidifok! Didn’t you see how I was struggling to even make a choice?”

6. You when the bills come and you see the Tax added


“As3m kraa b3n ni?”! You have barely enough money to sort out the food, now there’s tax. Sigh

7. When you leave the place with no money in your account

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