Avoid These 5 Types Of “Friends” For Your Peace Of Mind

The company you keep influences you more than you know and will even care to admit.

It’s normal for friendships to change over time since we are all growing and our interests change but when the relationship becomes toxic, you would have to end it.

Toxic friends are unreliable, are overly demanding, and don’t give anything back.

Here are some types of “friends” who should lose that title in your life.

1. The Ghost

You’re always there for them but when you need them the most, they disappear on you. They don’t never help you out and will always leave you out to dry. It’s normal that you may not always be available for each other but you have to at least make the effort. If they don’t, you know what to do. Throw them in the bin.😒

2. The Competitive one

There is healthy competition where all of you strive to be better and do better and there are the competitions that don’t even make sense. They’re always finding ways to compete with you, whether its for the attention of a guy, the approval of other friends, or for job-related praise. They’ll never congratulate you if you’ve done something great or reached a higher position. All they see is that they need to compete with you; everything is a game to them. You know what to do; throw them in the bin.😒

3. The friend who is always complaining

There’s no danger in having a friend who likes to vent once in a while, but if you have a friend who is always complaining, that’s a problem. Their constant negativity will affect you. According to psychologists, we will subconsciously start to imitate the facial expressions, posture, and even tone of voice of those we spend a lot of time with. By doing this, we soak up whatever emotions they express and even adopt their mental state. (Source: buddingoptimist.com). You know what to do; throw them in the bin.😒

4. The Narcissistic one

These ones think everything is about them. They’re self absorbed and are always thinking about how situations will benefit just them. They will happily talk for hours about their problems, and when it comes to your turn to talk, they will interrupt and maneuver the conversation to go back to them. You know what to do; throw them in the bin.😒

5. The Gossip

Just as they told you someone else’s secret, that’s how they’ll tell other people yours. They can never be trusted. You know what to do; throw them in the bin but if you’re still going to keep them around, you need to keep confidential information away from them.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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