5 Simple Tips To Care For Your Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair undergoes controlled damage in order to straighten it, meaning, it still gets a little damaged. For it to thrive and be nourished, you need to have a great relaxed hair health regimen set in place. Here are some tips for maintaining silky hair.

1. Do protein treatments

They strengthen hair, help prevent breakages, repair damages, and restore elasticity. These treatments make your hair feeling stiff and hard when the protein dries on your hair but leaves your hair feeling stronger when the protein is rinsed out. You need to do a deep condition treatment right after.

2. Deep Condition

Relaxers strips away the hair’s natural oils during the process of straightening so replacing that moisture is essential to keep the hair in good shape. Deep conditioning helps rehydrate chemically treated hair and makes it shiny and strong enough to withstand styling. 

3. Avoid Hot Tools

Because the process of relaxing hair weakens follicles, you’ll want to avoid using excessive heat as it can easily cause damage. You can style your hair occasionally, using high quality, ceramic flat iron with adjustable heat controls, but be careful, because with repeated usage it can burn relaxed hair.

4. Wrap your hair before sleeping

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Wrapping your hair makes it easier to work with the hair in the mornings. You won’t need to use heat to straighten the hair before going out. Try using a satin cloth to secure the wrapping or sleep with a satin bonnet or pillowcase.

5. Wear looser hairstyles

Protective styling helps give your hair a break for it to grow and retain its length due to low manipulation. The hairstyles you do should be loose enough because tight updos weaken the hair making it more susceptible to breakage and thinning.

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